Traditional lens-based artist driven by discursive disruptive practices in a socio-cultural based subject matter. The human condition transposed through temporal, spatial events leaving its mark in modern times; has been the guiding factor in seeking out substantial issues that matter. A 40-year old adult having lived out a diverse life and gained cumulative life experiences, cognitive faculties from the workforce to academic institutional circles. In his visual arts practice, this brings authenticity when conveying educational awareness to generating dialogues through the dissemination of dynamic ideas.

Predominantly focused on historic fragments discarded by modern societal populous in industrial culture in rural American landscapes. Secondly, the human figure concerning identity politics in the bear queer sub-couture; focusing on body positivity optics. The latter is a response to the stigmatic indifferences attached by social intolerances that society’s conditioning has set forth. Authoring commonly discarded issues are substantial and poignant to this visual narrator’s views and morals regarding societal indifferences.

Today’s social culture has insulated itself in a digital panopticon; in our contemporary time, it possibly views historic relics of itself as insignificant. As artists, we have a responsibility to enact either positive or negative strategies in refocusing societal notions and encouraging dialogues.